Firefly: The Train Job

I’ve gotten two people on board watching Firefly and both times now, I’ve been able to say this:

“Watch the pilot and the second episode.  That’s enough to hook you.  There’s one particular scene in the second episode (“The Train Job”)… when you see it, you’ll know.”

Of course, that’s purposefully ambigious and lacks any definition whatsoever.  Even so, both times, they did as instructed and came back to me later and relayed the exact scene I was referring to.

Do you know it?


3 thoughts on “Firefly: The Train Job

  1. O.k, I’ve seen ALL the episodes of Firefly way more than a normal human probably should, and I can’t figure out ( or remember) what you are referencing. Also, my Firefly discs are on loan to someone, so i can’t research this myself. Since you don’t need to convert me, i figured you could fill me in.

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