Apple Dumpling Certification Gang

So I just got back in from Albany with my coworker, “I”, both of us with fresh Apple Certifications under our belt.  I’m still rather annoyed at the fact that I had to go, however.  Here are the events that transpired:

For the past two years, I’ve had three Apple Certifications:

  • Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist
  • Apple Certified Portable Technician
  • Apple Certified Desktop Technician

So far, this has allowed me to service everything under the sun and life was grand.  The ACHDS was mine forever, but the ACPT and ACDT had to be re-upped once a year as part of a single “hardware recertification test” that made sure you were still up on the newest stuff.  No problem.  My renewal was set for the end of May and I passed the recert a week before the deadline.

A week after the deadline passed and their site still wasn’t updating my status.  This is now a problem.  I sent them an e-mail and got a reply basically stating the following:  the ACPT and ACDT are no longer valid certifications.  Rather than those, they now have a new title, “Apple Certified Macintosh Technician” which has two tests associated with it, hardware and software.  The recert test I took filled my hardware requirement, but I still need to take this new test (that nobody had bothered to mention to me prior to this).  Lo and behold, there’s no way to do this online… I have to go to a Prometric test site.  Even worse, to do this ASAP, I needed to go to Albany, which is a four-plus hour drive.  If I waited to take it in Rochester, the next opening was a month from now.

Now that it’s done and over with, I feel much better, though.  Things are right with the world once more and Apple forcing me to go to the test site proved inspiration enough to finally get my colleague to join me in getting his certifications, so we now have two technicians on our campus.  Even better was the road trip was actaually quite pleasant and went without incident – my boss was really great in letting us take a university car and book a hotel room so we could go the night before the test and get some good sleep.

Glad to be back, glad to be certified… again.


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