My 3-day Weekend

I went ahead and took a three-day weekend this past week (today is the 3rd and last day) as a forced relaxation method.  Due to the increased workload at AU, I’ve been working darned near every day this month, including weekends and the stress was getting to me.  Turns out, it was a damned good decision.  Here’s a rundown of one of the best weekends ever.

I started out this day like any other – woke up with my family, made breakfast, etc.  Once everything calmed down and everyone went their merry way, I got myself ready and ran a few errands.  I took the opportunity to hoof it and take a slow “Anytown, USA” tour.  I walked to City Hall and got our dogs registered and licensed; something I’ve been meaning to do for some time, now.  I then strolled over to the public Library – this was my first visit there and I seized the opportunity to get a library card and check out Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes collection.  Afterward, I walked to Mickey’s workplace and we went to the Club for lunch where I had a really good fish fry.

After dropping her off, I grabbed Conner from daycare and brought him home.  I suggested he play on his computer quietly for a while – this was my way of surprising him with The Sims 3 I installed on his system earlier that morning.  He was very appreciative and spent the next few hours diving into it.  Once his mom got home, he showed us his straight A report card.

On the whole, it was a very relaxing, small town, good feelings kinda day and it was quite refreshing.

Saturday I got to sleep in a little bit.  Conner had a picnic with his fellow little league players at Kanakadea Park – we picked up some Bandit Beans on the way for everyone.  Fresh air, good food, pleasant company – t’was nice.  Mickey and I then dropped Conner off at his dad’s and decided to go to Canaseraga for an impromptu visit to an old friend (“PN”) that was in town from Costa Rica that was selling some household antiques.  It was a very pleasant meeting and I took the opportunity to snag an oil decanter for a song.  We were invited to go to a bar later in the evening to listen to a local band and meet with “PN” again in a more social setting.  Before this, Mickey and I stopped at the local farmer’s market and grabbed some fresh veggies.  We went home and I made some huge salads topped with sliced montreal steak – delicious.  Later, at the bar, we met with “PN” and “MD” (another friend of ours) and had some great conversation while listening to The Badgemen play.  We all wound up walking back to our place and hung out for a little bit.  Since “PN” is a vegetarian, I made us all some late night salads with apples, plums, sesame seeds, and vidalia onion dressing.

Again, I slept in – this time until about 9:30 or so.  I took a quick “just get wet” shower to prepare for my run.  I got Mickey up and we went to Shawmut Park for our exercise.  I pulled off a great 5K run (see the lap times in the My Running tab of this blog).  Once home, I made us some fantastic steak and eggs for a late breakfast/early lunch.  Beyond this, we’ve just been relaxing; I did some dishes and will be doing laundry later.  Not a bad day off.

Not a bad weekend off.


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