Something 10-Speed This Way Comes…

Yup, Mickey and I bought a couple of bicycles over this last weekend.  Nothing fancy, just something to get us pedaling at a moderate price from Wal*Mart.  Maybe if it turns into a more serious endeavor I may start saving pennies for a true bike in a year or two, but as it is, my new Mongoose Paver is doing me just fine.  We took the chain guard off of hers since it was all unecessary flash and the chain rattled against it, then we adjusted the derailleurs on both of ours for smoother and tighter shifting.  All we need to do now is get a little more grease on the chain, a new seat to replace mine (which is apparently made out of concrete and barbed wire),  a few repair kits and we’ll be all set!

Sunday, we went and took them for a good test drive to Canisteo and back.  It was a good way to put the screws to the bikes over about 8 miles of pavement, dirt, and rocks.  One thing I’m amazed at is how isolated the muscle groups are for pedaling a bike.  I’ve been running quite a lot over the past 4 or 5 months or so now and my calves are more toned than ever before.  Still, after this ride my quadriceps were burning like the dickens.  Even if my muscles weren’t up to the challenge, my overall endurance levels are in good shape, so I was able to plow through and recover quickly.

Can’t wait to hop back on!


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