Top Gear Test Track – TrackMania United

I did a fair amount of Googling for a Trackmania Track that attempted to emulate the Top Gear Test Track, but wasn’t able to find any – so I made my own.  After some refinement, I believe that it’s ready to go public.

It’s a Coast track that only works with TrackMania United (not the free Nations version).  There are no directional arrows or anything, but it flows just like the TG track – think of it like an odd-shaped figure-8.  Also, I added an off-track area for playing around in, sandbox style; you’ll see the area to exit the track.

As far as the subtle, swooping soft curves of the real test track, it was awfully difficult to replicate in the TM editor, where you’re forced to either have 45 or 90 degree angles and turns.  Also, you might notice the lack of a tire wall in the middle – I could build a fence separator, but not on an angle like that, so it really wasn’t an option.  Still, I did the best I could and made sure Gambon corner was as hairy as possible!


EDIT – 01/13/2011: Crap. Just saw someone hit this link and try to download the track – the problem is I wiped that download a while back and forgot this post was still around. Anyway, I fixed it – I had previously loaded the track onto TM Exchange, so the link now points there.

Track Download


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