My Life as Onkel – Part 3

My Life as Onkel – Part 1

My Life as Onkel – Part 2

Good lord, I’m tired.

I’d say I don’t know how much longer I can continue this, but the truth is, I will do it for as long as is necessary.  Children are being kept together, out of foster families, and in safe warm hands because of our efforts, so I will press on.

Unfortunately, this whole thing continues to just get harder.  At the moment, our familial support for the daytime watching of “I” has stopped, so we have been having to send him to a babysitter until a daycare provider could be found.  This is expensive.  We ended up finding a daycare provider with qualifications and openings, but we will really have a hard time sending him there, financially, without county support.

After weeks of phone calls, paperwork, and faxing, I just got off the phone with them and was informed we were denied for reasons they were unable to relay.  Instead, we got put on the normal waiting list… which hasn’t budged since July.

With one full-time income and some other monies coming in from student work Mickey is doing, we are already having to scrimp and save at every turn – now we must pay an additional $140 a week for this little guy to be taken care of during the day.

This sucks… and good lord, I’m tired.

My Life as Onkel – Part 4


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