Chicago Adventure – Part 1

After an 11-hour drive, my coworker and I are here in the outskirts of Chicago (Shaumburg).  We checked into the hotel yesterday and the accommodations are quite lovely.

I found it a very odd night’s sleep.  First of all, I’m used to a memory-foam mattress and was taken aback when I first laid down on the hotel bed.  Mind you, I’m not being elitist or snobbish about spring mattresses, it was simply the SleepTherapy version of going to take a sip of coffee and realizing once its in your mouth that you just drank Mountain Dew.  Second, I had phantom beings with me.  I could almost physically feel the absence of my wife and my dogs as if the ones I love were phantom limbs.  Lastly, whenever anyone down the hall closed their door, it shook me up.  Any door closing within that proximity to me being in bed would ordinarily mean either an intruder in the house or one of the kids is about to come knocking to say they threw up.

I’m excited about the training we’re going to be receiving today, but also slightly nervous.  I meet 90% of the prerequisites the course listed in terms of an existing knowledge base and I’m not too worried about the other ten, however, I don’t want to be the dumbest one there possibly holding the rest of the class back.  Likewise, I don’t want to be on par with most everyone else and wind up being held back by someone else lagging behind.  Essentially, I’m hoping for a “No No-Child-Left-Behind” attitude.  I imagine that at $3,000 a head for a week’s training, everyone there will be worth their salt.

So, here’s to “Planning and Managing Windows 7 Desktop Deployments and Environments!”

While I am certain that my week here will be spent in comfort, I must also spend it without my wife, my son, and my dogs.  I hope this course will be worth it.


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