Chicago Adventure – Part 2

Well, today is the last day of training.  We’ve been learning a whole lot and my earlier fears were quickly dismissed during the first day.  We each got the chance to introduce ourselves, give a brief bio, discuss our deployment experience, and talk about what we want to get out of the class.

I was one of the last to speak and by that time it dawned on me that I was near the top of the heap, knowledge-wise, and furthermore, we (Isaac and I) were the only ones that actually had successfully rolled out an in-production Windows 7 environment.

I’ve been quite impressed by the level of instruction we’ve been receiving.  The textbooks are comprehensive, the trainer is knowledgeable (and actually made an effort to hunt down a question of mine he didn’t know off the top of his head), and the lab environment is top-notch.  We’re each using a 2008R2 server running 7 hyper-v machines, each with a very specific purpose.  None of the machines can see the world beyond hyper-v, but they can see each other.  This means we can run a 2008R2 domain controller alongside W7 machines acting as technician systems managing LTI, as well as blank machines for PXE boot, and Vista machines for upgrades and user-state migrations.

Outside of the classroom, things have been mostly nice and relaxed.  Monday evening I got a pretty bad bout of food poisoning and it took me until Wednesday morning to fully recover.  This meant we missed the Andrew W.K. concert on Tuesday, which was unfortunate, but that’s the way life goes.  Yesterday, Isaac and I made a point to do some wandering, so after work we stopped by the nearby Ikea just to walk around and people-watch.  After that, we hit up an Asian supermarket where I found some fish sauce!  Can’t wait to give it a try.

We then stopped by a Korean restaurant in town for dinner and I purposefully went outside of my comfort zone.  I gave it a good, honest try – ate about half the meal including some creepily large chunks of squid, but after a while, I realized that I just didn’t like it very much and stopped.  The dumplings and kimchi were excellent, though.

Anyway, better get ready for class, then we’re going to Hot Doug’s!


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