A quick rant about Facebook

OK, so I just posted a blog entry about an hour ago. Many times, with a new post, I will link it on my Facebook wall since I like to share my thoughts with many Facebook friends that don’t regularly follow this blog. However, with some posts I prefer not to do this. If I find myself repeating a subject, patting myself on the back excessively, or talking about something a bit more personal than I’d like to share with a one-off acquaintance, then I keep it here in relative obscurity. This last post was one of those times.

Imagine to my surprise when I saw the view count skyrocket and that most of the traffic was from Facebook. Sure enough, there it was, on my wall for all to see. I checked every imaginable setting in my WordPress admin tools and couldn’t find anything about auto linking to an external site. After much digging, I found it was an element of Facebook itself and a WordPress App that I had never consciously installed.

The privacy concerns of Facebook are many, but I consider my web presence to be fairly open – I don’t protect my anonymity with any degree of fervor. It’s when things happen without my consent or control that I take umbrage with a service. I didn’t ask for auto linking and I didn’t install a WordPress App purposefully. It is now uninstalled and I have regained control of my various accounts, but I now have a strong sense of hesitation toward the heavily connected world of seemingly unconnected sites and the control I have over my own content.


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