My new favorite toy

It’s actually an old toy, just reborn.  A while ago, I got a Barnes & Noble nook color and rooted it with a custom Honeycomb version of Android.

It was OK, ran fairly well, and held up sufficiently to the Motorola Xoom I was going to buy originally.  For its quality, though, it still felt sub-par to the “real” tablet experience.  Robust apps such as Netflix wouldn’t run and there were enough glitches to cause concern.  It was good – especially taking into account the hacked nature of it, but was not good enough to integrate into my daily life.

Time passed, dust was collected.

I decided to look up whether or not a newer version of the root software was available, but was disappointed to find it did not exist.

In my travels, I came across people talking about “CM7”.  I asked my coworker about it and he told me about CyanogenMod 7.  It is, in a nutshell, a custom made Android port, but for multiple devices (including the Nook Color) and with a lot of polish.  I installed it and my portable world changed.

It has basically turned my $200 e-reader into a tablet that can stand toe-to-toe with the likes of the Xoom, or even the iPad.  Sure, the screen is smaller (which I honestly prefer) and there’s no camera/microphone, but it feels slick and can run most any Android app, including Netflix.

With e-mail, IM, games, web browsing, wifi analyzer, multimedia apps, rdp and vnc clients, and darn near everything else, plus the capability to charge from any microUSB cable, this is definitely my new favorite toy.

As far as my return to blogging?  It has a WordPress app that works quite nicely, too.  This post was written entirely on my Nook Color running CyanogenMod 7.


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