Some Catch-Up

It’s obviously been a while since I wrote here with any semblance of discipline.  I figured it might be a good idea to play a little catch up with the goings-ons over the past year.

Overall, things have been relatively quiet since the nephews moved back in with their mother.  I’m ashamed to admit that if I had to be honest, it took a solid year for me to really recover from the whole thing.  I had a year to learn how to deal with being on-the-go constantly with a multitude of high-pitched voices all demanding various things; rides, foodstuffs, TV shows, answers to familial questions, etc.

Then, silence.

January came and the house was quiet again.  It didn’t dawn on me how difficult that kind of transition could be.  It has been an internal struggle to find any motivation in myself again, personally, and professionally.  Fortunately, I believe I have recently found my purchase and am walking tall again.

My wife had spent the summer in North Carolina for an undergraduate math research opportunity at UNC Asheville.  I’m really quite proud of how she has grown and how much she has accomplished.  Through math, she has found a spark in herself that I envied greatly.  The time we spent apart was difficult, but fruitful for the both of us.

June found Conner and myself going on a cabin camping trip together in Angelica.  We spent most of the weekend suffering through the rainfall, but taking advantages of the dry periods to take hikes and walk the dogs.  He had immense fun and we look forward to doing it again this year.

October was a great moment for me due largely to my Halloween Movie Marathon.  It’s an idea I had a few years ago and started small, but this last October, I actually arranged for 24-hours straight of scary movies.  My downstairs neighbors joined me through the bulk of it and we had a great time.  I believe it will become an annual tradition around the Stone household.

Thanksgiving and Christmas were both small and uneventful – more symptomatic of our feelings toward grand family gestures over the past few years than anything else.  We were still in the mindset of “just let us have some peace”.

Where we are at now is same-old, same-old… just better at it.  I’m reading and writing more, I’m getting not only more work done professionally, but much better work – coming up with innovative implementations that have left my coworkers and supervisors quite impressed, and in general, feeling very positive about life in general.


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