The NES Reborn

A while back, I found some of my old NES game cartridges and wanted to play them, but my Nintendo was nowhere to be seen.  This led me to buy one from  Once received and hooked up, it was like my childhood gaming experience all over again.

Unfortunately, this meant an awkward mixture of gametime and fighting with the NES to fix the blinking red light that caused so many of us to blow into the cartridges to alleviate the perceived dust issue.  Anyone that owned an original NES knows of this pain and probably even developed their own “fix”, be it cramming another cartridge into the slot to wedge the first one down, tapping the Reset button, or some other hokum.  The fact is, the problem lies in the connector pins within the console itself.  As revolutionary and great of a system as the Nintendo was, this was a fairly big design flaw that afflicted pretty much their entire run.

Yeah. That.

Salvation is at hand, though.  Turns out, you can replace the pin connector in this system fairly quickly, easily, and for only about ten bucks.  The one I bought was found on for $9.80 plus shipping.  Once it arrived in the mail, I was able to replace the old one in about five minutes with nothing but a phillips-head screwdriver.

Now, every game launches immediately with no interference at all.  Considering all the pain, trouble, swearing, and blowing we all did to get our consoles working, it seems worth dropping the same amount of cash as an average lunch to get it back on its feet and in working order again.

Besides, for all the countless hours of entertainment this system provided, it seems the least I can do.


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