VLC Autoplay Next File in Folder

So I wanted to do exactly what the title of this post implies.  I have many folders with media in them, sorted quite nicely, but I wanted an easy way to play them in order automatically by just running a file.  For instance, if I wanted to play all the files within my folder, “Public Domain Totally Legal Video Season 1”, I could do that without fiddling much with playlists and such.

I found a GPL extension that somebody made called “Add Similar” and it was SO CLOSE to what I wanted.  You ran a file, clicked the extension, and it automatically added similar files from that folder into the VLC playlist.  Problem was, it was all random.  I modified it a bit, adding a table.sort and a vlc.playlist.sort(‘title’) function to the LUA file and I’m pleased to report it works like a champ!

To use this, download the LUA file here, then drop it in your VideoLan\VLC\lua\extensions folder.  Open a media file, then when it opens in VLC, click View and choose “Add Similar With Sort”.  It’s that easy.



20 thoughts on “VLC Autoplay Next File in Folder

  1. Thank you this is a great improvement to the original (I use it in Windows 8.1 with the above suggestion: try “Media -> Open Folder”). One point only, where it could be even better: In KMPlayer I can start with any file in a series it automatically continues with the next. Here I can only start with the first. Any way to find, say the 4th if I initially opened the 3rd, or to start, say the 3rd from the directory? Thanks a lot.

  2. can you modify/or help me modify it to play all the files in the folder once i pick one, somethink like KMplayer does on windows machine.I would really appreciate your help.

  3. Is there a way to jump to the next file in the playlist when a movie is ALMOST finishing? I’ve found a extension to VLC called Intro and Credits Skipper, but I really don’t know how to use it.

  4. How about this: I want VLC to play all files in a folder BUT if I add new files to this folder, the playlist automatically updates and enqueues this new files… any thoughts?!

  5. If you’d like to have this load all media in the same folder, pop open the lua file and change line 171 from “local cutoff = 60 — arbitrary value” to “local cutoff = 0 — arbitrary value”

  6. Could you make it load all media files(avi,mpg,wmv,mkv etc.) inside of a folder instead of just the one’s that have similar filenames.

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