Yabba Dabba YEAH!!!

Anyone with a Celiac child knows the cereal aisle is a source of despondency.  You’re kinda relegated to either Chex or costly GF-specialty stuff for kids.  The bright colors of Trix and Lucky Charms entice them, but you must say “no”…

… EXCEPT with FRUITY PEBBLES!  We got a few boxes of Chex to start things off and V seemed to like them, eating everything we put in front of her… but the magic of her choosing her cereal in the morning was a bit dulled.  All of a sudden, we just tripped on the fact that Post Fruity Pebbles are totally Gluten-Free.  Colorful, fruity, fun, loved by kids, and in every freaking store for the same price as every other cereal.

We are… elated.

(Cocoa Pebbles are, as well, by the way!)



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