Just made bread!

Last night, I made my first loaf of gluten-free bread and it was delicious.  Light, fluffy, flavorful – everything the store-bought GF bread isn’t, and for a few bucks a loaf cheaper.

I used the “Bread Flour B” mix and the sandwich bread recipe found in Annalise Roberts’ “Gluten Free Baking Classics” and it turned out amazing.  I was turned onto this book from the subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/glutenfreecooking/


I was able to find everything I needed at our local Wegman’s, which was nice.  Definitely a learning curve, spoon dropping the dough and only doing one 40-minute rise before baking, plus the wide variety of flours and starches used.  Used to be, I could wing it on substitutions and figure out ph levels and such to compensate – there are SOOO many variables now that I’m out of my element.  Even so, following this one to the letter produced a wonderful bread that I’m truly proud of.  All told, all the ingredients came to roughly $3.90 per loaf.



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