Barber Foods Chicken Cordon Bleu New Recipe – Just…. awful.

So a food critic, I am not.  However, this is a situation near and dear to my heart.

For a very long time – decades – I’ve had a soft spot for a frozen food product.  Namely, the Chicken Cordon Bleu pocket from Barber Foods.  It’s not the cheapest around, but the taste really just can’t be beat.  Tried other “chicken pockets” from various stores, Aldi, WalMart, etc and nothing can really match it.

Mi amor

Mi amor

A little while back, when I purchased these, it came with a little tag notifying of some packaging changes, but not to be alarmed.  A little overkill, I thought, but no matter.  When the change did come and the new packaging came out, I was crestfallen:


El Pollo Diablo

See that bit at the top?  New Recipe?  Change can be good, often necessary in nature and in life.  However, these did not need change.  When you’re at the top of the heap and you decide to take some steps, the only place to go is down.  And down it went indeed.

I purchased it, for the last time, to give it a whirl.  Everything about it was wrong.  The seasoning was off to the point of turning my stomach, the chicken was rubbery, the cheese was lacking, the ham was lower quality.

Everything on their social media states that Barber Foods conferred with loyal customers in preparation of this new recipe.  Yet, every comment and customer message I see on their social media are largely saying the same thing: you done fucked up.

I honestly don’t know why this wasn’t at least market tested as a new recipe alongside the old one.  “Southern Style Seasoning” or some such, since it seems like that’s kinda what they were going for.  Instead, they took one of my guiltiest guilty pleasures and replaced it with a poor facsimile – and my oft-purchased treat has not been seen in my freezer since.


7 thoughts on “Barber Foods Chicken Cordon Bleu New Recipe – Just…. awful.

  1. I agree too! I didn’t even finish the piece I was eating and I rarely throw food away, but the new recipe turned my stomach. The ham now has this fake smoky taste that takes over everything and I still tasted it the next day. The rest of my family was able to finish theirs, but they didn’t like the “new recipe” either. I definitely won’t be buying these anymore. What a shame…the old recipe was great! Hopefully they don’t decide to change the Kiev flavor too because that is my second favorite and it’s great the the way it is!

    • I got the same thing, along with a coupon to try it out. But it seems like they lessened the seasoning – instead of just going back to the old recipe. What have your thoughts been?

      • Yeah, I agree – the seasoning they made in the transition was toned down, but otherwise still wasn’t back to the original recipe. I never got a note, coupon, or some folks I talk to got care packages. So I don’t know what the text of the note said. Does it specifically say that they went back to the original recipe? Or did they just say the listened to their customers and made changes?

      • I don’t have the note anymore – this was a couple months ago, I think… but if I remember, it probably said something more like “we heard from our customers and made some changes”… which may have amounted to lessening the seasoning.

        In December, I ordered some of these:

        They just arrived, and I baked one Wednesday night. They seem to be the real deal. I have no idea why Barber can’t sell us these directly. The shipping on these were outrageous – $60 for the box, and $30 for shipping. But I have to say, tasting the original, chicken kiev goodness was worth the wait and expense.

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