Potato Diet Day Fuck Off, I’m done

Yep, couldn’t do it anymore.  I gave it a really good “go”, but here’s the thing:  it was feeling dangerous.  By the end of day 2, I was so dizzy I very nearly fainted half a dozen times.  Like, legs wobbly, steadying myself, feeling a tunnel close in.

I wasn’t getting enough calories to be healthy and I couldn’t eat any more potatoes than I already was because I would have vomited from the taste.  As it was, tasting plain potatoes on my tongue during every waking moment of the day was torture.  Maybe my body would have powered through and gotten used to it in time, but the problem is I work full-time.  I can’t afford to take several days (or weeks) off to allow myself to have dizzy fainting spells on the comfort of my couch, and even if I could, that sounds like a remarkably bad idea.

So I’m out.  Back to real food, and in the next day or so, getting back on the sensible bandwagon of fresh veggies, chicken, tuna. rice, and portion control mixed with morning cardio.  I think in the interest of fairness, I will continue with my body monitoring and blogging.  But as far as the potato diet goes, my hat is off to you, Penn Jillette – your resolve is admirable and more steadfast than mine.


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