Why your hard drive died

Working as a desktop tech in an organization that services not only enterprise systems, but also all the computers that students bring to the campus, I see a lot of hardware failure – the most common of which, by far, is hard drive failure.

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AST Gateway Manager Needs Your Attention

I’m writing this as a preventative measure to hopefully ensure that other technicians don’t have to go through what I have gone through over the last several weeks.  Long story short:

If you are running AST and everything on the server looks fine, your Gateway Manager is Authenticated, yet your clients wind up with “There has been a network error”, “Please use the Gateway Manager to check on the status of the Diagnostic Gateway”, and lastly, “Gateway Manager Needs Your Attention”, ask yourself this question:  “Am I running this across VLANs?”

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Post Sysprep Administrators, Office Activation

So, once I got Computer Naming and Domain Binding automated through the magical awesomeness that is MySysPrep2 (I STRONGLY recommend – this guy is great), I wanted to continue down the road to full automation or at least having a ready-to-use system by the time “Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to Login” showed up. In essence, I did not want to have to log in and do anything manually for our imaging.

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User Profile Cleaning Script for Windows 7 – Version 3.1

If you wind up using this script, please leave a comment letting me know how it worked out for you!

Here is a batch file for cleaning user profiles in Windows 7. This was much easier in XP, but in Windows 7, you need to also clear out the registry values or you will get a Profile error on the next login by the cleared user. I couldn’t find any good ones online that met my needs perfectly, so I made my own.

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